in development – expected 2025

Ukraines is a documentary co-creation project in which smartphones travel from France to Ukraine and back, passing from person to person as a relay stick and collecting their video testimonies. The project is shot in an innovative format––double camera––both the front and the back camera of the phone at the same time––both the portrait of the person and what the person sees. From person to person, from city to city, from one community to another, a kaleidoscope of faces and places is intertwined with the context of war in Ukraine.

IN DEVELOPMENT, Feature documentary, collective project, 70 minutes

Co-author Dmytro Mogilenets

Producer: Quentin Laurent, Les Films d’Oeil Sauvage

Supported by La Scam Brouillon d’un rêve, le CNC Fonds à l’innovation audiovisuelle Aide au Développement renforcé